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A Sesame Street Passover: Kippi and the Missing Matzah

By Louise Gikow
Kippi ben Kippod, the Porcupine, comes from Israel to visit Elmo. Kippi made a Passover Seder for all of his friends on Sesame Street. However, just as they were about to start the Seder, they discover that the Matza is missing.

Hooray, It's Passover

By Leslie Kimmelman
This is a charming look at a family celebrating a family holiday. Everyone is involved, even the cats, as preparations are made, food is prepared, the table is set, and the Seder is held. Finally, the meal is served. Everything is explained carefully so that non-Jews can understand why their Jewish friends enjoy this wonderful holiday, and can celebrate it with them.

description by Children's Literature

Passover Magic

By Roni Schotter
Relatives pour into the house to participate in the annual Passover Seder. The magic is provided by the occasion and by Uncle Harry, a magician whose timing is just right. The lively cartoon-style illustrations in color capture the chaos and the caring. Appended is a summary of the story of Passover and a list of the Four Questions asked by the youngest child at the Seder.

description by The Horn Book, Inc.

The Carp in the Bathtub

By Barbara Cohen
This heartwarming story tells the tale of two children determined to save a carp from its fate as the Passover gefilte fish. Mama is a wonderful cook and makes the best gefilte fish in New York City. But her two children wouldn't know that firsthand. Every Rosh Hashanah and Passover, Mama buys a live carp and lets it swim in their bathtub for a week until it is time for her to prepare the gefilte fish. Invariably, the children love to watch their new pet and are dismayed when it is time for their pet to leave. One year, they became especially fond of the carp in the bathtum (whom they named "Joe" after Mrs. Ginzburg's late husband), so they hatch a plot to save Joe from the dinner plate. Although this story is told by a grandmother reminiscing about her childhood, young readers will be engrossed in the narrative due to its realistic conversation and conclusion. The descriptions of life during the Depression will bring children back to a simpler time. A warning for parents, however: Mama ends up killing the carp in the end. Fish-loving or overly-sensitive children may want to skip this tale. Overall, a unique Passover tale.

Lori's Description

A Wilderness Passover

By Kathleen Cook Waldron

Louie and Susan are excited about spending their first Passover in their new mountain home. But they don't have any of the right foods. "How can we have a Seder with just four people?" asks their mother. Her imaginative children aren't about to give up. Together they cook up a little Seder magic.

Description from Publisher

A Wilderness Passover is an excellent tool for teaching all children about the Jewish tradition of Passover. This touching story is about a family who leaves the city to live in the mountains.

The mother of Louie and Susan becomes depressed over the fact that there will be only four members of the family at the Seder meal. She is also concerned about the poor ration of food that the family will have to celebrate this joyous event. The children and the father try their best to encourage the mother, but to little avail. The children then come up with a plan, which involves the generosity of neighbours.

The back of the book offers a detailed description of the importance of certain food for the Passover as well as the history behind the Jewish celebration. This was an excellent addition to the story. The illustrations are warm and capture the emotions experienced by the family.

Description from The Manitoba Library Association

The Story of Passover for Children

By Francis Barry Silberg
For thousands of years, Jews have gathered during Passover to celebrate G-d's love and protection. In this boardbook, Rabbi Silberg explains this ancient event in a manner so simple that even the youngest child will understand its historical significance.

Description from Publisher

Penny and the Four Questions

By Nancy E. Krulik
It's finally Penny's turn to ask the four questions at the Passover Seder! But now a special guest is coming, and Penny might not get her chance. A special story of friendship-and a little girl who learns the true meaning of Passover.

Description from Publisher

Sam's Passover

By Lynne Hannigan
Every year, at Passover, Sam and his family have a special meal at home. It helps them to remember the story of Passover. Sam's class at school are going to the synagogue to find out about the story.

Description from Publisher

(World of Holidays Series)

By David & Gill Rose
Introduces the traditions and customs associated with the celebration of Passover and with the seder meal.

Description from Publisher

Rebecca's Passover

By Adele Geras
A girl learns about the historical and religious significance of Passover traditions.

Description from Publisher

Building Jewish Life: Passover
Passover is living history. Every symbol of the Seder has its own story to tell. This book helps families use the Seder to remember what it was like when we were slaves in Egypt.

Seder with the Animals

By Howard and Mary K. Bogot
Invites the reader to enter a landscape of poetic images, a landscape painted with the sights, sounds, and symbols of the Passover heritage.

Description from Publisher


By Miriam Chaikin
Chaikin's dignified text and Mikolaycak's magnificent bold illustrations make this a treasure for all ages and religions. Exodus relates the stories of Moses, the ten plagues, and the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert until the Ten Commandments are received. The language flows smoothly and is accessible to young readers. The text and the use of white space are masterfully incorporated into the design of each page. Each sweeping double-page spread is framed in a rust earth tone, bringing to mind a desert setting, with the illustrations extending beyond the borders, giving a larger-than-life flow to each scene. Golden highlights predominate in the detailed mosaics and jeweled patterns in the Egyptian scenes and as the flames symbolizing G-d in the desert. Appended is a map of "the probable route of the Exodus" and the names and symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Description from School Library Journal

A Passover Holiday Cookbook

By Emily Raabe
Passover is a time when Jews around the world remember their ancestors' escape from slavery. In this richly illustrated book, kids learn about Moses' parting of the Red Sea, the history behind matzo, and other traditions associated with this holiday. Recipes for matzo brie, sweet potato kugel, and other treats help kids experience the wonders of Passover firsthand.

Description from Publisher

The Prince of Egypt (DVD)

The Prince of Egypt (VHS)
Nearly every biblical film is ambitious, creating pictures to go with some of the most famous and sacred stories in the Western world. DreamWorks' first animated film was the vision of executive producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, a key architect in the Disney studio's rebirth (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc.).

Here is an Egypt alive with energetic bustle and pristine buildings. Born a slave and set adrift in the river, Moses (voiced by Val Kilmer) is raised as the son of Pharaoh Seti (Patrick Stewart) and is a fitting rival for his stepbrother Rameses (Ralph Fiennes). When he learns of his roots--in a knockout sequence in which hieroglyphics come alive--he flees to the desert, where he finds his roots and heeds G-d's calling to free the slaves from Egypt.

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