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Matzah Ball :
A Passover Story

By Mindy Avra Portnoy
Aaron must bring a bag lunch to the baseball game during Passover, but while his friends are off at the concession stand, something wonderful happens.

Description from Publisher

Blending baseball and Passover facts, this contemporary, fast-paced story demonstrates that "It's not always easy being Jewish, but sometimes it can lead to miracles." Aaron's happiness at going with his friends to see the Baltimore Orioles is tempered by his mother's reminder that it is Passover and that he can't eat pretzels, crackerjacks, or ice cream. His non-Jewish friends eagerly devour his special lunch, which he refuses to eat. Aaron dislikes being different, especially when the others make one last trip to the concession stands. Surprised when an elderly man (could it be Elijah?) sits down beside him, Aaron listens to the man's memories of Jewish baseball fans going to games at Ebbets Field and receives a special piece of matzah that miraculously helps him catch a home-run ball hit into the bleachers. Bold, detailed watercolors perfectly complement the text's realistic language and emotions. This will be a hit with sports lovers and anyone seeking an added dimension to a holiday story

Description from School Library Journal

Festive Songs for the Jewish Holidays: Level 3

By Bruce Berr
This excellent collection features 11 favorite Passover and Chanukah songs arranged at the Grade 3 level.

  • Adir Hu
  • Chad Gadya
  • Day'nu
  • Ma Nishtana
  • Who Can Retell?
  • Eliyahu Hanavi
  • Hatikvah
  • Come Light the Menorah
  • I Have a Little Dreydl
  • Ma'oz Tsur
  • S'Vivon.

    Description from Publisher

The Passover Parrot

By Evelyn Zusman
Leba's parrot is the only family member willing to listen to her learn the Four Questions. But when he decides to participate in the Seder, an unforgettable evening unfolds. A joyous story with lyrical illustrations.

from the Publisher

Pesach :
A Holiday Funtext
In English, Hebrew, and transliteration, this humorously illustrated funtext introduces young readers to the history and customs of Passover.

The Matzo Mitzvah :

Even More Tales My Great-Great-Grandfather Might Tell About Life in a Ghetto of Russia in the Time of the Czars
Stories include:
  • The Cow Who Ate Meat
  • My Fellow Ghettoites
  • The Salesman's Donation
  • Frum
  • Sherlock Shmul
  • The Stranger
  • The Hat in the Horse Trough
  • The Rabbi's Shabbes Shoes
  • Not Guilty
  • The Matzo Mitzvah
  • The Rabbi and the Soldier

One Little Goat - Had Gadya
This traditional Jewish song, sung during the Passover Seder, is cumulative, much like he House That Jack Built.

After a little goat is eaten by a cat, troubles escalate until the Holy One puts things right. The song is sung at the end of the seder on Passover.


By Brian Wildsmith
This is the story of how one man led his people out of slavery to a land that G-d had promised to give them. His name was Moses.

With vivid, richly detailed illustrations, Brian Wildsmith captures all the major events of one of the greatest stories in the Bible. The story of the Exodus and the rescue of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt is a powerful and exciting tale which attests that G-dís guiding hand is always evident.

In Wildsmithís hands, this familiar journey comes alive against stunning backdrops -- from the great palaces of ancient Egypt, to the vast expanses of Sinaiís mountains and wilderness, to the peaceful place G-dís people can finally call home.

Description from Publisher

Moses in the Bulrushes

(Board Book)

By Kath Mellentin
Classic Biblical stories, long-time favorites of young children, are presented in interative dimension in these multiple format interactive books. There's something new and different on every spread--a pop-up, a pull tab, a lift-the-flap, a changing picture, and a double gatefold. With simple texts and bold illustrations, these cleverly designed books perfect for every little reader.

Grandma's Seder Plate is Missing!:
A Passover Special

By Estrin
From the makers of the original Mendy and the Golem, comes a Passover comic book. This 32 page, full-color bound softcover book is sure to make this Passover an exciting one. The story revolves around Mendy and Rivkie Klein and their adventures when they discover that the Klutz family will be visiting for Passover! The book is sure to inspire children and adults and is the perfect compliment for the Seder. We are receiving extensive media coverage for the first ever, full-featured Jewish comic book.

Description from Publisher

Jewish Holidays in the Spring

By Dianne M. MacMillan

Describes Passover, the Seder, and lesser feasts such as Purim, Yom Ha-Atsma'ut, Lag B'Omer, and Shavuot

Ask Another Question :
The Story and Meaning of Passover

By Miriam Chaikin
A Reader's Catalog Selection The 40,000+ best books in print

The history of Passover from the Exodus to today, with explanations of the holiday's songs, rituals, and symbols

Matzoh Mouse

By Lauren L. Wohl
The boxes of goodies for Passover have been sitting behind the big chair for weeks. Sarah knows better, but she canít resist. She sneaks tastes of her favorite treat, chocolate-covered matzoth . . . until itís almost gone. Now Sarah is worried. Itís almost the first night of Passover, and she has eaten up the dessert! What will she do?

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Matzah Meals :
A Passover Cookbook for Kids (1st Edition)

By Judy Tabs and Barbara Steinberg
These 70 recipes follow the Passover dietary laws, and each recipe is clearly labeled as to whether it is meat, dairy or parve (may be used as both). There are three ranges of difficulty, and plentiful safety notes are included. There is a brief retelling of the story of Passover, and the traditional foods served at a Seder are explained. A recipe for matzah cautions that home-baked matzah is not always considered Kosher. Many of the recipes are appropriate for making throughout the year. There is also a section of international meals: matzah pizza, tostados, matzah egg foo young. Line drawings add a humorous note, and the pun of the title and the cover design are added chuckles.

Description from School Library Journal

The Complete Story of Passover

Passover As I Remember It

By Toby Knobel Fluek

This nostalgic portrait takes readers back 60 years to see how one family living in a tiny Polish village celebrated the Jewish holiday of Passover. With her daughter as coauthor, Fluek evokes memories that have remained with her since childhood--her father in his long black holiday coat, her mother making ceremonial wine from raisins, the kashering (cleaning) of silverware for Passover use ... The artwork itself, however, is sturdy and unpretentious, perfectly reflecting the simple way of life described, and the heartfelt text reveals some truly fascinating traditions. Perhaps more meaningful for its intriguing view of a life gone by than as an introduction to the springtime Passover festival, this is, nonetheless, a book that leaves an indelible image.

Description from Booklist

The Journey Continues

By Debbie Friedman

Song List:
  1. B'ruchot Habaot
  2. The Time Is Now
  3. Light These Lights (Oh Hear My Prayer)
  4. The Journey Song
  5. Kadeish Urchatz
  6. Mi Shebeirach
  7. Ha Lachma
  8. Ma Nishtana
  9. Avadim Hayinu
  10. L'chi Lach
  11. Kadish D'rabanan
  12. Miriam's Song
  13. Dayeinu
  14. B'chol Dor Vador
  15. B'tzeit Yisraeil
  16. Ma L'cha Hayam
  17. Shir Hama-Alot
  18. Birkat Hamazon
  19. Eiliyahu Hanavi
  20. Mir'yam Han'viah
  21. Hodu
  22. Min Hameitzar
  23. Hal'luyah-Psalm
  24. L'shana Haba-A

Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Debbie Friedman, presents this outstanding extended play recording of 24 beautifully arranged Hebrew and English songs that parallel the The Journey Continues : The Ma'yan Passover Haggadah of the same name. Debbie introduces new original songs, The Time Is Now, B'chol Dor Vador, and Birkat Hamazon, shares her seder appropriate renditions of Miriam's Song, L'chi Lach, Shir Hama-alot, Hodu, Hal'luyah and more, plus sings traditional Pesach songs Ha Lachma, Ma Nishtana, Avadim Hayinu, Ma L'cha Hayam, L'shana Ha-ba-a and others, like you've never heard them before! Perfect for use at home or communal seders as well as for pure enjoyment!

Album Description

The Story of Moses

By Bill Yenne

A simple re-telling of the story of how G-d used a burning bush to call Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Description from Publisher

Exodus from Egypt

By Mary Auld

[Auld] chronicles the dramatic events from the arrival of Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh through the Israelites' escape through the Red Sea. Because it concentrates on one section of Moses's life, it will be accessible to young readers.

Description from School Library Journal

Festival of Freedom

By Maida Silverman
This joyous retelling of the Jewish people's fight for freedom includes vibrant, full-color illustrations and instructions for a traditional holiday Seder to bring the true meaning of Passover to life.


By David F. Marx
An introduction to the traditions and foods of Passover.

Description from Publisher

I Have Four Questions

(Board Book)

By Judyth Saypol Groner
A colorful retelling of the classic questions asked by the youngest child at the Passover seder.

My First Passover

(Board Book)

By Tomie de Paola
Describes with illustrations and simple text the special parts of a Seder meal which celebrates the Jewish feast of Passover.

Miriam's Gift
(Prince of Egypt)
Moses' courageous and spirited sister Miriam is the heroine of this picture book retelling. The story and keepsake charm pay tribute to Miriam's gift of faith and her belief that one day her brother would help set their people free. The book tells Moses' story from Miriam's point of view as she anxiously follows his basket down the Nile and then waits hopefully for his eventual return. The beautiful bronze pendant of baby Moses in the basket is a symbol of her devotion, and it provides readers with an opportunity to role-play Miriam, as well as Moses' mother, Yocheved, and the Queen. A journal space at the end of the book invites readers to record their own promises to family and friends. Brave and loyal Miriam will appeal to all children, but especially girls. By wearing the keepsake charm and necklace, readers will be reminded each day of Miriam's powerful story and its valuable message of courage.

Description from Publisher

The Prince of Egypt Coloring Art Book
From the majestic grandeur of the Pharaoh's palace to the intimate warmth of Moses' and Tzipporah's village to the mighty parting of the Red Sea, this elegant coloring art book will generate a broader appreciation of the film for children and adults alike, allowing them to re-create the art themselves. The highly detailed line illustrations and sophisticated design will appeal to older children, and the accompanying text tells the fascinating story.

Description from Publisher

Passover Pop-up Book

By Sol Scharfstein

A fun way to learn about Passover. Pop Up: Cross the Red Sea, Erect a Pyramid, Find the Plagues, See the Seder Table, Ask the Four Questions and Light the Candles .

Description from Publisher

The Magician's Visit:
A Passover Tale
Goldin (Just Enough Is Plenty) adapts another story about the prophet Elijah visiting a needy, but still charitable, family and providing their Passover feast. The subtly expressive pen-and-watercolor illustration style, with its large-eyed, solemn- faced figures, is unmistakably Parker's (DeFelice's The Dancing Skeleton, 1989; Preston's Popcorn and Ma Goodness, Caldecott Honor, 1967, o.p.). His palette here is particularly lovely--russet, purple, brown, gray-blue. A fine addition to any collection of traditional Jewish tales, with a final note about Passover, Elijah, and Peretz.

Description from Kirkus Reviews

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